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A wonderful vacation in a private oasis without the city’s tourist crowds

Renting a villa in the village of Mlini offers a serene escape from the bustling crowds and noise of the city center of Dubrovnik. In Mlini, you can enjoy a more authentic Croatian experience, surrounded by traditional stone houses and … Read More

Experience the ultimate outdoor culinary adventure

Experience the ultimate outdoor culinary adventure with a picnic or cooking school in Trsteni. Trsteno is a beautiful small town only 15 km from Dubrovnik. The cooking school is located in a beautiful private estate or in a private olive … Read More

Explore the stunning coastline

Croatia’s coastline is renowned for its clear waters, picturesque islands, and secluded coves. You can rent a boat, take a ferry, or go on a guided tour to explore the beautiful coastline and discover hidden beaches and bays. Visit historic … Read More

Hiring a private chef

Hiring a private chef is an excellent way to enhance your luxury vacation home experience in Croatia. Here are some of the ways in which a private chef can make your vacation even more enjoyable: Personalized menus: A private chef … Read More

Make yourself happy and visit the extreme south of Croatia. Explore Cavtat- the ancient Adriatic Epidaurum

After all the Christmas and New Year holidays, you often want to change the situation and recharge with positive energy. Want to travel but can’t decide where to go? Ski resort or hot winter sun of southern countries? No… Why … Read More

Experience the magic of Christmas in Dubrovnik

If you like to spend your Christmas holidays away from home, we invite you to visit Dubrovnik. This world heritage city will give you an unforgettable and special Christmas mood. The Christmas market is organized on the most beautiful street … Read More

Tourism challenges

There are tourist destinations that are beautiful and that we admire. The Dubrovnik region is one of the most beautiful places where you can relax and have fun. The only way to make the most of your vacation in Dubrovnik … Read More


Dalmatian villas, what makes them so special? Why does such a concept as a vacation in a Dalmatian villa evoke associations with clean air, turquoise sea and the taste of seafood delicacies?You can always find a special place to stay … Read More

Visit the Croatian coast in spring

Many people think that holidays on the Croatian coast are especially pleasant during the hot, summer season. But why not visit Croatia in the spring. Fresh sea air is filled with the aromas of blossoming almond and orange trees. Nature … Read More


The hidden beauties of the Elaphite Islands

The group of Elaphite or other name of the Deer Islands, … not counting the large number of reefs, cliffs and shoals, consists of eight islands and five islets, and only three are inhabited, namely: Koločep, Lopud and Šipan.The closest … Read More

Taste wines from the Dubrovnik region

Even in the Middle Ages, wine making was very developed in the Dubrovnik region. The main feature of this region is the cultivation of numerous grape varieties. High quality wines can be tasted in local restaurants, bars and wineries. Wine … Read More

A luxurious holiday on the Adriatic. What type of holiday villa you can chosen for a your ideal vacation?

At the present time, due to the current difficult situation, people are limited in traveling around the world. Previously, people planned their travels by changing 2 or 3 directions during their vacation. This trend of planning your long-awaited vacation, changing … Read More

The best of the Dubrovnik region

If you have not yet decided where to spend your vacation, then pay your attention to our offers for renting villas in the Dubrovnik region. We offer villas for rent in different price categories and you will surely be able … Read More

Experience the magical sunsets on the Croatian coast

A beautiful sunset can turn any place into a magical postcard. Still, there are places where sunsets are simply amazing. Let the mystical colors of the sky inspire you! Completely merge into the magical landscape and indulge in a moment … Read More

Traditions and historical heritage of Dubrovnik

Every year on February 2nd, the Festivity of St. Blaise is celebrated in Dubrovnik. For more than 1000 year in continuity it has maintained its traditional and recognizable character and excellence of expression, shaping the local and national cultural identity, … Read More


Slano as a small oasis for a peaceful vacation Slano is a fishing, coastal village located 30 km from Dubrovnik in a picturesque bay. Holidays in Slano mean regularity, tranquility and even to some extent seclusion. The Slano resort is … Read More