Visit the Croatian coast in spring

Many people think that holidays on the Croatian coast are especially pleasant during the hot, summer season. But why not visit Croatia in the spring. Fresh sea air is filled with the aromas of blossoming almond and orange trees. Nature comes to life in spring, and we breathe in its wonderful smells that fill us with powerful energy and remain in our memory for a long time. In the south of the Croatian coast, the air and sea temperatures average around +15 degrees. For those who do not really like the heat, this is a great time to travel and relax. Use this time to visit ancient cities and sights. For lovers of wine tasting, wine tours in Croatia at this time of the year are also a very interesting pastime option.

The Dubrovnik region is the southernmost region of Croatia. Dubrovnik is known as one of the most beautiful and perfect places in the world. So what can you do in Dubrovnik in spring? Enjoy long walks along the sea. There are many beautiful boardwalks here. Visit the picturesque coastal towns of Cavtat, Slano or Ston. Visit the wine cellars of the Peljesac peninsula or the Konavle region. Taste fresh oysters in the oyster plantations right on the boat with a local fisherman. Isn’t this a great idea? Don’t like oysters? Then try black cuttlefish risotto or charcoal-roasted octopus at local restaurants. Do you like to study history and culture? Spring is a great time of the year to visit Dubrovnik’s museums or visit the city’s medieval walls. Believe us that in summer, when the air temperature is about + 32 degrees, walking along the fortress walls is not a very comfortable experience. In the spring, you can really enjoy the incredible views of this greatest monument of medieval architecture.

Do you want to get the most out of your holiday? Then you definitely need to rent a comfortable apartment or a luxurious villa, so that upon returning from a walk, you can comfortably relax in a beautiful setting and on a comfortable bed. Our website features a wide range of holiday properties.

Another important argument in favor of a holiday in the off-season is rental prices. Renting a villa on the coast in spring, autumn or winter is probably much cheaper than in summer, and there will undoubtedly be a lot of pleasure from vacation and pleasant impressions. Make your dream come true and spend your holidays on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, in an ideal place overlooking the sea horizon!

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