Make yourself happy and visit the extreme south of Croatia. Explore Cavtat- the ancient Adriatic Epidaurum

After all the Christmas and New Year holidays, you often want to change the situation and recharge with positive energy. Want to travel but can’t decide where to go? Ski resort or hot winter sun of southern countries? No… Why don’t you visit small towns in Europe where everything is so intimate and unexplored and at the same time, you don’t have to make long flights on airplanes. Wonderful mild, winter climate…walking through the small streets of the city, where every stone has its own history.

In the very south of Croatia, just 19 kilometers from Dubrovnik ,   is a town of exceptional architecture, rich history and beauty. Cavtat is a small town with numerous architectural monuments is located on the Rat peninsula, which, together with the neighboring Sustepan peninsula, forms a well-protected bay.

In the distant past (2nd century BC), a colony of Epidavrum existed on the site of the town of Cavtat. Subsequently, in the 7th century, the Avars and Slavic tribes forced the inhabitants of Cavtat out. They retreated to the old Illyrian fortifications at the foot of the Srđ mountain, where they founded the new settlement of Ragusa, that is, today’s Dubrovnik.

Today Cavtat is a town of beautiful family estates, ancient churches, beautiful private villas and hotels. This is a place with a pleasant climate and lush vegetation, and the numerous beaches and bays further emphasize the peculiarity of Cavtat.

If you decide to travel to the south of Croatia, be sure to visit Cavtat and get acquainted with its rich history.

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