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If you have not yet decided where to spend your vacation, then pay your attention to our offers for renting villas in the Dubrovnik region. We offer villas for rent in different price categories and you will surely be able to choose the perfect vacation home with your family or close friends.

The Dubrovnik region is located in the south of Croatia and with its diversity attracts guests with a refined taste. Dubrovnik undoubtedly ranks first in terms of beauty and richness of historical sights. But we also recommend not to ignore other places of this interesting region such as the Elafit Islands, the Pelješac peninsula, the island of Korčula, the island of Mljet, the town of Cavtat and the Konavle region. Each of these beautiful places is unique and worthy of close attention.

  • Old city of Dubrovnik

This medieval miracle of architecture was admired by many poets, writers and artists. Dubrovnik has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a long time. The city walls, fortresses and towers are the most majestic sight of Dubrovnik. The main street of the old town is called Stradun and divides the city into two parts. Walking along Stradun you will see other sights of the city: Large and Small fountains of Onofrios, the statue of Orland, Rectors Palace, Franciscan and Dominican monasteries, Cathedral and the main church of St. Blaise…. But here we have to stop, since you can write about Dubrovnik endlessly and we will continue to write about Dubrovnik in the following blogs. It’s time to write about other equally interesting places in this region.

Peninsula Pelješac – town of Ston
  • Peninsula of Pelješac

This largest Dalmatian peninsula will surely be appreciated by those who appreciate the synthesis of the freshest oysters and red wine. A small sea bay near the town of Mali Ston is a protected area of clean sea where oysters are grown. Oysters have a unique aroma and taste of the sea. You can taste oysters with wine not only in local restaurants, but also with local fishermen, who will catch them from the sea and open them in front of you. The Pelješac Peninsula is also home to the most famous Croatian red wines such as Plavac Mali, Dingač, Postup and local Zinfandel.

Island of Lopud
  • Elafiti Islands – an archipelago of 13 islands

The main islands of the archipelago are Lopud Island, Šipan Island and Koločep Island. A great chance for sea lovers to explore this beautiful seaside oasis with many lagoons, hidden beaches and caves that can only be reached by sea. Koločep Island (the second name is Kalamota) is the closest to Dubrovnik. In just 20 minutes you will find yourself in a Mediterranean paradise. One of the most luxurious villas on the island is Villa Island Castle, which we offer for rent for guests who want to spend a holiday without noise and stress, having the privilege of a private beach and garden that surrounds the villa. There are several restaurants and cafes on the island. The most famous restaurant on the island is Villa Ruža.

Villa Island Castle
  • Island of Mljet

This island deservedly bears the name “Green Island” and is the most beautiful island in southern Dalmatia. Here is a national park with lush Mediterranean vegetation and lakes. The island of Mljet is an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Islad of Mljet
  • Island of Korčula

It is the most populated island in the South Dalmatia region. The medieval town of Korčula is the decoration of the island and is rich in historical sights. There are many beautiful beaches here. The most famous sandy beaches of the island ” Vela Pržina” and “Bilin žal” are located near Lumbarda. The island of Korčula is the ideal gourmet destination. Restaurants in Korčula are rich in a variety of gastronomic offerings. There are rural, home-style restaurants and high-class Michelin-starred restaurants. Since ancient times, Korčula has been famous for its wine and olive oil making traditions.

Beach on the island of Korčula ” Vela pržina”
  • Cavtat town and Konavle area

The town of Cavtat is a jewel of the Riviera and, unlike Dubrovnik, offers a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature. Enjoy the Mediterranean while walking along the Cavtat promenade which stretches between the Rat and Sustjepan peninsulas. This charming place has many small local restaurants, cafes and bars. You can also visit the house-museum of the famous artist Vlaho Bukovac. Luxurious Villa Anita which is located in the town of Cavtat has a beautiful view of the bay.

Villa Anita in Cavtat

Konavle is the southernmost part of the Dubrovnik Riviera. Here are fertile valleys, vineyards and pastures. You will immediately notice the beauty of nature where there are all colors. This is the greenery of Mediterranean plants, white rocks and blue sea. The rural architecture of this place has been preserved. Folklore and gastronomic wealth of Konavle attracts more and more visitors, where time seems to have stood still or passes very slowly.

Vineyards in Konavle

In this blog, we have a little bit opened the door to the wonderful world of this beautiful region of South Dalmatia. In the following articles, you will find more information about beautiful locations and luxury villas in this region.

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