A luxurious holiday on the Adriatic. What type of holiday villa you can chosen for a your ideal vacation?

At the present time, due to the current difficult situation, people are limited in traveling around the world. Previously, people planned their travels by changing 2 or 3 directions during their vacation. This trend of planning your long-awaited vacation, changing different cities and states, wanting to visit different places in a short vacation time, has completely lost its relevance. People, planning a vacation with their family, are increasingly inclined towards a more relaxing vacation, in one place and want to choose the best location, close to the sea, with the possibility of finding a secluded place without mass tourism. All lovers of luxury accommodation and innovative design will no doubt choose a villa for their vacation instead of hotel accommodation. One of the main points for choosing a holiday villa is the magnificent view of the sea, the islands and the picturesque landscape that surrounds the villa. The first thing we perceive as synonymous with modern and luxurious accommodation for the perfect family holiday is the pool villa. Let’s explore the different possibilities for a luxury and quality holiday.

  • Luxury, modern villa with pool on the Adriatic coast

Most visitors in the summer are looking for the best accommodation at a reasonable price. But there is a surprisingly large percentage of guests who spend the summer at a very high level every year. Croatia has quite a few luxury villas with modern design and modern villas, guests will be surprised by the wide range and high standards of accommodation at a reasonable price. The privacy, the neatness of the villa and the modern design, the quality of additional service, the infinity pool, the magnificent view of the islands or the rich panorama – all these are the features that a modern villa with a swimming pool should have. The innovative, cutting-edge work of renowned designers will delight you at every turn of the beautiful coastline. Modern villas contain the technological wonders needed for a perfect holiday, such as: indoor pool, Jacuzzi, spa, outdoor pool, gym, billiard table, entertainment game consoles. Some villas with a large area may offer sports fields for mini football, tennis, golf and the like. If you want, you can also order service of сhef, a maid, a manager for all matters, so that you can completely indulge in your dream vacation. Choose your ideal contemporary pool villa and enjoy your dream vacation watching the beautiful sunsets while enjoying the sea breeze. We are sure that you will find what you need for yourself!

  • Traditional, Dalmatian beauty villa with pool for a romantic holiday

The Croatian coastline is characterized by well-built, one-story or two-story stone houses, the so-called Mediterranean villas. If you are lovers of traditions and want to feel like a local, then choose a Dalmatian villa for rent. Resting in such a house, you will feel all the colors of the local flavor. There will be morning birdsong, the smell of lavender and pine trees. In the evening you can feel a gentle sun, a quiet breeze with the aroma of sea salt and the song of crickets. Typically, Mediterranean villas have a rustic design with contemporary furnishings and interesting, decorative antiques that caring owners have preserved as the legacy of their ancestors. Today’s rustic villas are fully equipped with modern appliances to make your stay as comfortable and easy as possible. Sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness, spa and everything else that you can imagine in any other modern villa, you can also find in a romantic, Dalmatian villa. Here you will find both a lovely swimming pool and pretty covered, tiled terraces with a grill. All this will create a unique atmosphere for all guests who really appreciate the Mediterranean in the full sense of the word. Regardless of which property and which region of the Croatian coastline you choose; we are sure that you will be delighted! Mesmerizing Mediterranean landscapes with countless islands, local beaches and high mountains on the coast will complement your nice feeling and make it an unforgettable dream vacation!

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