The hidden beauties of the Elaphite Islands


The group of Elaphite or other name of the Deer Islands, … not counting the large number of reefs, cliffs and shoals, consists of eight islands and five islets, and only three are inhabited, namely: Koločep, Lopud and Šipan.
The closest to Dubrovnik is the island of Kolocep. In its two largest beautiful bays are located settlements: Gornje Čelo and Donje Čelo.
From the east and west it is overgrown with dense pine forest that descends all the way to the sea rocks. The clear azure sea is rich in fish and shellfish. Before, the inhabitants of Koločep were the most famous coral divers of the Mediterranean, and today they rarely dive after them, just out of love.

Already the first encounter with the island of Kalamot (the island of Kolocep is called in Dubrovnik) will delight you! You will be enchanted by its silence, the smell of Mediterranean plants and pines, the blue sea and beautiful sandy beaches.
Next in distance from Dubrovnik is the island of Lopud. An island of beautiful sandy beaches! Šunj is a famous sandy beach, one part of which is reserved for nudists.
Beautiful, landscaped gardens and wild Mediterranean herbs, plants and trees in one natural cocktail will enchant you! On the island of Lopud you will find fortresses, churches, summer houses and monasteries rich in valuable works of art.
Don’t miss an easy evening walk to Beneš Cape as the sun dives into the sea, and visit the unique light installation, the art pavilion Your Black Horizon.

The largest and most populous is the third island of Sipan. Island rich in vineyards and olive groves. The two largest settlements are Šipanska luka and Suđurađ. On the inner side of the island there is an abundance of shelters and natural anchorages of immeasurable beauty where pine branches reach to the sea surface.
In this small area there is a huge number of monuments, over thirty churches, several monasteries, about sixty Gothic-Renaissance mansions.
The islanders are known for their hospitality. They will gladly take you both to the field and to the grating, offering you healthy food and the golden drops of their fruitful vineyards.

In our base we have two beautiful villas located on the island of Kalamota. See our offer about these villas. Each of them is a pearl of the island and a unique look and interior. If you decide to spend your vacation on an island near Dubrovnik, you will be delighted by the peace, beauty and clear sea.
We will recommend you some great restaurants where you can enjoy the delicacies of Dalmatian cuisine.
We are sure that you will enjoy every moment of your vacation on the island of the Dubrovnik region!

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