1. Choice of accommodation unit and creating the reservation request

Please, choose the accommodation unit at our web page. Read the description of the accommodation unit carefully. The description contains all the basic information, including the number of guests, number of bedrooms, the available facilities, the price included in the renting of the accommodation unit, distance from the sea, beach and other information.

Please, fill in the reservation form in the section RESERVATIONS https://lav.com.hr/index.php?option=com_breezingforms&view=form&Itemid=599&lang=en  

Or simply send us a request via e-mail: maja@lav.com.hr

We will go over your request and send you our offer via e-mail within 24 hours. Following the wishes of the client, we will also offer advice and offer other additional options of accommodation units which are available for reservation for your desired vacation period. Please send us the confirmation for the chosen accommodation unit via e-mai: maja@lav.com.hr and state the date and the name (or the link) of the accommodation unit. If necessary, you can contact us via telephone. We will give you all the necessary information, but the final reservation confirmation should be sent via e-mail:  maja@lav.com.hr

2. Advance payment and reservation confirmation by the client

After the guest confirms their accommodation choice, the company will sent the guest an e-mail estimate for the advance payment which will amount to 20 – 40% of the total renting price. The percentage of the advance payment depends on the type of accommodation and the terms stated by the owner of the accommodation unit. The advance payment estimate is valid even without the signature and the stamp as a product of electronic communication.

Payment of the advance should be done by the client within 2 working days. All banking costs, as well as all other additional costs connected to the payment procedure are to be covered by the client.

Please send us a copy of the payment receipt to our e-mail: maja@lav.com.hr

Since the payment transaction can take from 2 to 7 days the copy of the payment receipt serves us and the owner of the accommodation unit as a reservation confirmation. By completing the advance payment, the Guest confirms that they have read the terms of the reservations and that they understand and agree to those terms which are binding for the Guest and the Company. If within 2 days the Guest does not complete the reservation advance payment, the company will consider the reservation cancelled and they will be free to offer the said accommodation unit to other clients.

3. Reservation confirmation by the company

Upon receiving the timely advance payment confirmation for the chosen accommodation unit, the company will, within 2 days, send the Guest a voucher or an invitation letter. The voucher will contain the information on the number of guests, personal information of the guests, the address of the accommodation unit, and the phone number of the accommodation unit owner.The voucher bearing the official logo of the company is valid even without the signature and the stamp as a product of electronic communication. Personal information of the Guest is necessary for the voucher. The company guarantees that the personal information will not be forwarded to third persons, except in the case of completing the reservation.

4. Payment of full price of rental

The payment of the full price of the rental to the amount of 60-80% must be completed within 30-60 days prior to the date of arrival to the accommodation unit, depending on the accommodation unit and the reservation rules of the chosen unit (as will be stated in the offer which will be sent to the Guest via e-mail by the company). All banking costs, as well as all other additional costs connected to the payment procedure are to be covered by the client.

In castain cases, payment can be made in cash on the day of arrival.

5. Deposit payment for any possible damages

In certain cases, the Guest will be asked to pay the owner of the unit or their representative a deposit for any possible damages to the accommodation unit. If the owner has set the payment of the deposit as a renting condition, the company will inform the guest of this in advance. The deposit amount will be stated in the description of the unit at our web page. On the day of departure full deposit amount will be returned to the Guest if, during their stay, they have caused no damage to the accommodation unit.

6. Additional Services

If you want to arrange any additional services such as: private transfer to the accommodation unit, car rental services, boat rental, individual excursions, personal chef, chauffer, nanny or butler, please state those in the section “Special wishes for the guests” or send us an inquiry at: maja@lav.com.hr


We will stay in contact with you during your stay in Croatia. Our representatives speak Croatian, Russian and English. We are aware of the need to have verified information when one plans their vacation. This is why all our objects are verified and faithfully described on our web pages. Give us your trust and we will help you to spend you best vacation in Croatia !


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